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Diana Răzman

Writer & Narrative Designer

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As a writer, I create anything from dialogue to world building, character backgrounds, item descriptions, and story beats. However, I'm flexible and I do many types of work including UX writing and copywriting.


I can directly assist you in narrative design, quest design, and content design, as well as more general game design processes, ensuring a close connection between narrative, gameplay, and mechanics.


Whether it's compiling documentation or finding out obscure facts, I enjoy learning and maintaining knowledge. My eclectic academic background allows me to delve into complex topics and formulate methodical research.


Be it social media, community management or communications, I can make sure things run smoothly between your studio and other people! I have good communication skills and can take initiative, but I also collaborate well with others.


I studied Games User Experience and worked closely with developers in the testing and evaluation of their game before release. Therefore, I can provide you with a better understanding of how your products are received and experienced by their users.


I'm fluent in two languages and have a basic grasp on several other. This means I'm able to communicate with almost 20% of the world population! I can contribute not only to the translation of your game but also to its cultural localization.

I worked on these games

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Other publications

▪️ Death of the Gamer: Grief and Memorialization in Digital Culture and Video Games. (2022) Anthology Chapter. Forthcoming.

▪️ Press 'F' to Pay Respects: Grief and Memorialization in Video Games. (2021) MS Thesis. University of Skövde. DiVA.

▪️ Replaying History: Accuracy and Authenticity in Historical Video Game Narratives. (2020) MA Thesis. University of Skövde. DiVA.

▪️ Black Sails, Rainbow Flag: Examining Queer Representations in Film and Television. (2020) MA Thesis. Malmö University. MUEP.

    ▪️ Gamification in the Household: How pets can be a part of pervasive role-playing games. (2019). Research Paper. Unpublished, but still my favourite work.

    ▪️ From Dogs to Kings: Master Narratives and Plurality of Voices in Treasure Island and Black Sails
    . (2019) BA Thesis. Kristianstad University. DiVA.

    ▪️ Two Winds Ask van Gogh to Paint Them. (2018) Short story. Tebeşir İzi Dergi (8th Issue). Trans. Zeynep Kandemir. Turkey.

    ▪️ Calycanthus. (2018) Short Story. Garden of Atonement. USA.

    About Me

    Diana Cristina Răzman| 25| She/Her| 🏳️‍🌈

    I'm a young woman of Romanian and Hungarian origins but, for the past five years, I've been living in Sweden: studying, meeting people, and growing. I am interested in media, cultural heritage, and art. I also like to spend my time researching obscure things and getting too emotionally invested in fictional characters.

    My stories tend to be character-driven and I like to explore complex emotions. I usually oscillate between whimsical stories or bildungsroman type of stories. Currently, I am planning to put together a collection of short prose and develop a new game.

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